HaLLOWEEN Cocktails

HaLLOWEEN Cocktails

Blood Sipper …  A suprisingly refreshing shot of vodka, brandy, and three fruit liquers blended together with cranberry, and strawberry.


Ghouls Transformation Brew…  Vodka, Brandy, Blackberry Liquer, Orange Juice, Strawberry Puree, served in a tall glass.


Ridgemont Rendezvous…  1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon, cranberry juice, blackberry liquer, splash of lemon juice, dash of simple syrup


Smashing Pumpkin Bulleit Martini…  Bulleit  Bourbon, fresh oranges, pumpkin puree, grandmarnier, simple syrup, orange twist

$14 (limited amount)

Halloweeni Bellini…  vodka, brandy, blackberry liquer, champagne, strawberry puree


Gran Bulleit Old fashion…   Grandmarnier, bulleit bourbon to create a full flavor old fashion